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Dark hardwood floors in White Plains NY

In White Plains, dark hardwood flooring is very stylish. Many of my customers love the dark look…they even ask for Ebony. Dark is sleek and stylish and gives your Rhode Island home a sophisticated look. How do you get dark hardwood floors? What options are there?   Most dark hardwoods…

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If you have hardwood underneath the carpet, is it better to refinish the hardwood or replace the carpet?

Do you have hardwood underneath your carpet? If so, you may have just discovered a pot of gold. Consider yourself lucky as you now have options and may be able to improve your home’s value and save money at the simultaneously! Most homeowners in White Plains prefer hardwood flooring –…

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Reglazing Bathroom tiles in White Plains NY –a less expensive alternative

Do you have one of those dated bathrooms with the pink (or yellow or blue or green) tile with black lines? Did you know that there is a less expensive and less intrusive way to refresh that bathroom? Reglazing ceramic tile can give a tired bathroom a refreshed and clean look.

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